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When you are ready to find the best babysitter fit for your family, GreatAupair is a must for your review.  They also offer an incredible amount of other services such as: Nanny, Au pair, Housekeeper, Tutor, Personal Assistant and Senior Caregiving.  

Instead of nail biting and wondering what the history or background is for the person you are bringing into your home, you can rest assured by the thorough process instituted by GreatAupair that the individual you will be potentially hiring has been screened and is ready for you. Since this is arguably the most important decision that you will make this year, it makes sense to use a trusted and professional service such as GreatAupair. The importance and personal nature are inherent traits for these types of sensitive positions and GreatAupair gives you the ability to have the background and matching process completed without even having to think twice! They provide you with a review of ideal candidates in your area in a matter of seconds and that brings great appeal.

You can finally forget the online free advertising resources and the outdated newspapers: You now have a reliable and safe resource that makes your selection easy and efficient while sparing you the heart ache of countless wasted interviews and wasting your time verifying background checks for your potential new hire as you follow up. As for family referrals or messy interpersonal relationships; the selection process through GreatAupair is both easy and professional. There is no need to worry about upsetting your neighbor or your child’s friend’s mother or sibling.   

This service helps families and caregivers find the best possible two-way match through personalized searches and detailed profiles including background checks, online interviews, references, reviews, photos and videos. GreatAupair is user friendly and will save you money and time. Check them out.

GreatAupair: What makes it different?

GreatAupair offers a wide variety of services. Most of the other services available are limited in either focus or availability. GreatAupair fills the void for the need of a professional service that is easily searchable for the individual that you wish to hire.

The depth of the information available to you about the candidates you receive based on thorough matching criteria is exceptional. You can decide if you want a person based on their gender or a multitude of other options such as: If they will use their own car or use yours, if they have a driver’s license, how many years of work they have done, if they are first aid certified, and you can even select what kind of languages religious preferences you desire.

These are just a sampling of the criteria that you get to select to help narrow your search for the best match suited and tailored just for you. Their service is impressive.

What’s more? The Better Business Bureau in one region had this to say about GreatAupair:

BBB Rating for Great Aupair

  • Based on BBB files, Great Aupair has a BBB Rating of A+ on a scale from A+ to F.
  • Factors that raised this business' rating include: Length of time business has been operating. No complaints filed with BBB.
  • BBB has sufficient background information on this business.
  • Customer Complaint History for Great Aupair: BBB processed a total of 0 complaints about Great Aupair in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period.

Additionally, the mature social network Facebook is not a stranger to GreatAupair. With over 950 likes, GreatAupair is thriving on the social network front.

GreatAupair vs. primary competitors (sites similar to GreatAupair)

You want the best. As a parent, a homeowner, a busy professional, or as the adult child caregiver for your parent you have thought about going to the ends of the earth to find the right person to care for your children, maintain your home, assist in your business or take care of Mom and/or Dad.  GreatAupair makes the course straight and smooth instead of bumpy and treacherous.

A ranked competitor, as an example is limited to the Au pair service. It is not a “one-stop shop.” Their website is navigable, but it feels congested. Not so with GreatAupair. Some of the other highly searchable services such as have narrow focus, they are ambiguous with their classified listings and use of their website is tedious. GreatAupair takes an easy lead against the competition. is yet another available service for what you want. The website is slow loading and they have limited service area availability. Their website feels congested, especially when compared to GreatAupair.

GreatAupair: Pricing & packages

“GreatAupair offers you the very best service with more of what you want for free:  Selection, Security, Quality and Support.” Their claim resonates with truth. You can readily sign up for free with their service with your name and your email. After making your personalized choices for the traits that you wish your person to have, you are quickly given a quick match that results with pages of potential candidates from the area you selected.

If you wish to subscribe to their service (which is a no-brainer if you are serious about hiring a professional with background checks and history already completed and available to you, then you can pay as little as $50 for a month of expanded service. Via subscription, additional options available provide everything from photographs to a full profile, reports, videos, interviews and referrals in addition to their personal information (they even give their height and weight!) and their list of qualifications and experience.

The other services offered suffer from the disadvantage of not only being less navigable than GreatAupair, but every single one of them have an initial fee that is above that of GreatAupair, even for a trial membership. The closest in price was at $55 for 90 days of service. When you factor in critical elements such as ease of website use, professionalism, and friendly atmosphere, GreatAupair is the easy choice. They even offer a “6-month success guarantee” option.

It’s your choice. If you wish to save money and time, choose GreatAupair. If you wish to limit your frustration and make a joy out of the selection process, choose GreatAupair. At the very least, make them a priority for review.   

GreatAupair: Product images & screenshots
GreatAupair Coupons
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GreatAupair: Customer reviews & comments

Overall, customers and subscribers of GreatAupair are not only content, they take the time to post reviews and let others know about their service and offerings. It stands to reason that people like you and me will take the time and post reviews for those things that we value most like our children, our home, our business or our parents. When you find a gem, don’t you want to let others know?

Positive reviews abound for GreatAupair everywhere you will inspect. An example can be found here: Nickelodeon Parents Connect  

“I have used the site for several years and have found wonderful aupairs and nannies for our family. The site is easy to use and the support staff is always helpful.”

Tiana added: 08/19/2009

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